Act fast & shout out or things could get AWK-WORD!

A fast-paced party game where you need to think twice about what you say.

After the dice have been rolled, players take turns shouting words that fit a topic. For example, if the topic is PIZZA TOPPINGS, you might shout “Pepperoni" or "Olives" or “Anchovies” BUT you can’t shout a word that begins with any of the letters showing on the dice! When you shout a valid answer that the referee approves, you get to take a chip.

But be quick with your answers (like, two seconds max), because if the referee feels you're taking too long, they can ring the Awk-Word bell on you and you'll be out for that round!

Collect the most chips to win.

Contains: 200 topic cards, 200 counters, 5 dice, 1 awk-word bell, and instructions.

Ages: 10+;  2-8 Players;  Gameplay: 15 minutes.

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