Aunt Agatha's Attic

The Game of Getting Along, Getting Stuff, and Getting Your Way

You and your cousins may not like each other very much, but you all love your Aunt Agatha—and her vast collection of treasures from around the world! In this fast and frenzied card game, you must race against the clock to bargain with your cousins for the best of Agatha's collection, simultaneously trading glowing emeralds, bone-handled daggers, and even selfless hugs before time runs out. Can you work together to show your aunt just how important family is—all while keeping the best stuff for yourself?

Aunt Agatha's Attic is a real-time negotiation and set collection card game. Easy to learn and quick to play, it makes for an energetic, lively, and family-friendly good time.

Contains: 42 Item cards, 18 Hug cards, 2 Magic Mirror cards, score pad, two-minute sand timer, instructions.

Ages: 8+;  3-6 Players;  Gameplay: 15-30 minutes.

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