Are You Dissing Me?

A hippo worries that her MFA is totally useless. A cardinal has roommate problems. A hummingbird is eager to join a social network. A bush baby teeters on the edge. (You wanna throw down?!)

Here for the first time are the innermost thoughts of our furry and feathered friends, who—it is finally revealed—humorously share the same anxieties, frustrations, and preoccupations as we do.

Whether it's a raccoon fretting about his judgmental friends, a buffalo impatiently waiting for his dumplings, or a sloth contemplating a career in stand-up comedy, each colorfully illustrated critter captures a moment of modern flux—and together they create an irresistibly funny portrait of a kingdom both wild and amusingly familiar.

Author: Simon Winheld.

Hardcover; 80 pages.

Book measures: 6 x 6 inches.

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