Polymer Dice Set: Elessia Wish Song w/ Silver

Elessia dice are a newer, softer design that feel like smooth river stones shaped by ancient waters over centuries.

Glimmering blue and silver swirls with silver ink.

Softer, rounded edges for beauty, improved rolling, and kindness to tables.

Contains: traditional 7 piece RPG dice set, made of specialized acrylic polymer.

7 piece standard set includes:

  • D4: Four-sided die {tetrahedron};
  • D6: Six-sided die {cube};
  • D8: Eight-sided die {octahedron};
  • D10: Ten-sided die, and D00: Ten percentile die {pentagonal trapezohedron};
  • D12: Twelve-sided die {dodecahedron}; and
  • D20: Twenty-sided die {icosahedron}.

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