2024 Moon Calendar Card

This is the 39th edition of Kim Long’s classic moon calendar, the first of its kind and a fan favorite since 1982. With a graphic, at-a-glance 2024 lunar calendar on the front and easy-to-read, detailed data provided by NASA’s Sky Events Calendar* on the reverse, this handy card is a fun reminder to tack up by your desk or in your garden shed.

Whatever your reason for moon watching, you won’t miss a thing with the 2024 Moon Calendar Card!

*​Sky Events Calendar by Fred Espenak and Sumit Dutta (NASA’s GSFC).

Contains: Sturdy and convenient 10 x 6.75 inch cardstock reference card - Front: Lunar calendar with realistic moon images; Back: Dates and times of every phase change, eclipse, apogee, and perigee.