Color Counts: Travel the USA color by number book

With the Color Counts Travel the USA every page is a mystery! As your young artist solves each puzzle, the colors reveal the hidden images from the US.

With 10 colors and 100's of shapes to color in, these color count puzzles are sure to challenge and engage any user. Designed to stimulate visually and mentally, they can be done individually for an increased cognitive challenge or as a group.

Color coded puzzles are one of the best tools for teaching children high-level cognitive skills in a multitude of ways. Among others, they're incredibly beneficial in helping children understand spacial awareness, patience, planning, and the importance of double checking their work.

Once your child is done filling in the pictures based on the key, make sure they get creative by coloring the corresponding unnumbered spaces using their own unique style. There are no guidelines for the white space, so they can let their creative side out and amaze with unique interpretations.

Contains:  one Color Counts Travel the USA book with perforated pages.

Ages:  6 and up.

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